The Author

Bob Coker enlisted in the Regular Army 1957 and retired from the Army Reserve, due to health problems, in 1988. During that time he served with all of the Arms and a lot of the Services and his service included 2 tours of S. Vn with 2 different Arms, Armour and Aviation. Bob retired with the rank of WO1.

In 1985 he was asked by a returned Veteran, who had been WIA, who else had been WIA at the same time. Bob being Bob, couldn't refuse the request and dived into the job head first not knowing what lay ahead of this simple request. What turned out to be a list of wounded in one company evolved into a task of such magnitude that no-one could ever imagine and his research now includes 102 ships/units/sqns and 7 different civilian organisations.

The nature of this 'List' means that it is constantly being edited, is nowhere near complete and some errors appear; for this the buck stops with the author, no one else. To correct errors and omissions the author welcomes the addition of further information which can be sent by email via the form at this link.

The 'List' now contains details of most of the people, both Aussie and Kiwi, Military and Civilian who were killed, wounded, hurt or murdered in S. Vn during the period 1963 to 1973.

CAT Abbreviations

  • KIA - Killed in Action
  • DOW - Died of Wounds
  • BCAS - Battle Casualty
  • NBCAS - Non Battle Casualty
  • KBA - Killed By Accident
  • KBAFFF - Killed By Accident From Friendly Fire
  • KIAFFF - Killed in Action From Friendly Fire
  • DOWFFF - Died of Wounds From Friendly Fire
  • DIA - Drowned in Action
  • D - Drowned
  • DOD - Died of Diseases
  • DOI - Died of Injury
  • M - Murdered
  • WIA - Wounded In Action
  • W/AM - Wounded From Attempted Murder
  • # - Denotes Returned to Australia due to Injuries
  • ## - Denotes Died in Australia