A great number of us know about the "Butcher's List": the 500-plus Australians and New Zealanders who were killed and died through various means during Australia's involvement in Vietnam during the period 1963 to 1973.

Very few of us know about those who were wounded, hurt and disabled during this period. The list that follows is an insight to the real human cost that Australia and Australians paid during our involvement in the Vietnam conflict.

The research into the information required to put together this list has taken the author over 30 years of on-and-off study: reading unit histories, speaking with Veterans, listening to their stories, their tales, their humour, their hurts; and then corroborating the facts. The nature of this list means that it is constantly being edited, is nowhere near complete and some errors appear: for this, the buck stops with the author, no-one else. To correct errors and omissions the author welcomes the addition of further information which can be sent by email at bobcoker98@gmail.com

This list is as close to the truth about what happened to many of the Veterans who served in Vietnam as anyone can get. In the author's mind, the truth must be told, at whatever cost. Some of the casualties listed will cut close to the heart, the mind, and the psyche, and will hurt some, if not all of us. Some may be appalled, some may be horrified. Sometimes the truth is like this.